Val Mikesell

I’ve been in the financial services for 35 meyears now. During that span, I have had conversations with well over 6,000 people about saving money, protecting themselves and providing for the people and causes they care about the most. I’m a husband to my wonderful wife Jo for 33 years and a proud father of two wonderful daughters Rebecca and Sarah.

I have provided insight and direction for all of these people from simply saving a little bit of money each month to complicated tax avoidance techniques for business owners and providing much needing money when catastrophic health events take place. Every person has a need and sometimes it is simple and other times it is very complicated. In either case, it is my job to help them find solutions.

I believe it’s vital to do all I can to keep pace with the latest strategies and plans available in light of our current and future tax environments. I’m very fortunate to have the opportunity to surrounded myself with very knowledgeable, trustworthy people and companies who will do their level best to help me do the right thing for all of my customers and the agents associated with this agency. Putting others interest before mine is truly what really matters the most.

I am a career agency builder with an emphasis of utilizing safe and secure indexed insurance and tax free retirement planning with living benefits. Protecting the customers assets is first and foremost my most important mission. I am working with fine companies and wonderful individuals who are helping me find, recruit and train both seasoned veterans and brand new agents right out of the block. These individuals all have one thing in mind and that is the desire to build success in their own businesses. I am committed to help them do just that with whatever support and advise I can lend them. My background and experience give me tremendous leverage and understanding that each person is unique and their challenges varying.

Work is not really work when you truly enjoy what you are doing and I hope to have many more years of productivity to offer to the community and field of work that I truly love.

Let me help you build successes and memories that we can all be proud of.


Val Mikesell LUTCF, CLTC













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