Grow Your Agency

With Our Automatic Agency Platform

Grow faster and more profitably with less busy work to weigh you down

You started your insurance agency so you’d have the freedom to build and grow your own business and reap the rewards of ownership, but then one day you wake up and realize you’re a slave to tasks that are getting in the way of truly GROWING that business. If you’ve ever thought there has to be a better way, you were right, there is.

The Mikesell Group Difference

Decisions about insurance and financial planning are some of the most important ones a person makes, yet often finding a trusted advisor is difficult. Customers can see through the cartoons and characters on TV commercials and they want something more than a silly meme. People need to know they’re being helped and that their agent cares about their future.

Our member agents are people who care about the people they serve and they grow a solid book of business by being that trusted advisor. Customers deserve the kind of agents that put people first and are in it for the long haul. When their needs are being taken care of those customers gladly become advocates for their agents.

Simply put, doing good is good business.

Our Values & Beliefs

It's about the people we serve, not the products we sell

For far too long our industry has been preoccupied with premiums and has forgotten WHY we’re in this business. Putting people first is our business model, and our customers appreciate it.

We grow by helping

We have the unique opportunity to help people plan for and create the lives they’ve always imagined. No two people are exactly alike, and so we listen to people, we stay connected, and we help them throughout their journey.

We leverage technology in smart, human ways

Nobody wants to be spammed or sold to day in and day out, so we don’t do that, BUT we do use the latest technology to automate processes, reduce busywork, and create a better and more personal experience for customers and agents.

My Idea

Let’s discuss how we can work together and help our clients grow their wealth!